Air Assessments

First step in system optimization and energy savings is measurement. We are offering complete assessment proces as per ISO 11011 with CAEMS CS-M box for wireless capturing of essential compressed air system performance data, generating detail audit reports and to compare to the best in class.


Air Leak Management

Take advantage of unique and verified solution for Compressed Air Leakage Management System that uses IOS and Android mobile application for data collection and web interface for validating, repairing, reporting and calculating the cost of air leak.


Energy Management

Permanent monitoring is the only way to manage efficient compressed air system. Compressed air consumption and system is changing all the time, if we want to controll it and get most efficient system we can use our wireless remote monitoring CAEMS CS-x equipment that connects to web platform where compressed air experts can do online detail analysis and reports and end-users can receive auto-generated monthly reports and compare to the best in class.

Our system was designed for iIoT - Industrial Internet of Things with energy and maintennace prediction in mind.

CAEMS is an advanced and complex software tool for compressed air energy management that enables a systematic approach towards improvements in energy efficiency and the reduction of energy costs. CAEMS web software with event monitoring fully complies with the ISO 50001 standard requirements.


Solutions Control

Our unique approach to control the air is based on CAEMS Flow controller with permanent web monitoring. We design innovative electrical flow controller that is calibrated as flow-meter with wireless communication to the web server for optimization and energy monitoring. Flow controller enhances useful storage capability of the receiver , stabilize low pressure down stream and with that reduces artificial air demand. Savings up to 8% of energy and getting compressed air under control.


CALMS - the easy way of getting compressed air and steam leaks under control.

SO 50001:2011, Energy management systems

The main purpose of CALMS is to to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy security, energy use and consumption of compressed air and steam. These are the same goals as ISO50001, so CALMS can be a good tool in aiding ISO standard compliance.


CAEMS CS-X Remote Monitoring System, Datalogger, Compressed Air Control System

CAEMS CS-X Remote monitoring System for Compressed Air Systems up to 8 compressors, enable Real-time, 18- Channel Data logging with 5 sec sampling rate. CS-X System stores data on internal CS card and transmits data to the web through Ethernet network connection as option via cellular GSM communication to easy access from Internet. Data can be access on WWW.CALMS.COM. Application is designed for total control over compressed air, with build in Reporting, Alarming and detail analysis for CAS service provider.