CALMS Air is part of HPE group found in 2001. HPE is known as total compressed air solutions provider; performing audits, projects, energy solutions, delivery, installation and maintenance of compressed air systems. HPE has earned customer’s recognition as “The Compressed Air Expert”.

CALMS Air headquarter is located in Europe Slovenia with branch in USA NY supporting

We introduce modern information technology and advanced energy services to the demanding technical fields of compressed air.


We provide a innovative and cost-effective platform of integrated hardware and software that guarantees a complete overview of your energy consumption in compressed air systems.. Our intelligent CAEMS software solution for compressed air energy management combines monitoring, analysing, alarming, and reporting in an easy-to-use online app. Combined with mobile apps for IOS and Android we are offering complete compressed air assessment


We are a team of 20 experts in the fields of compressed air, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer sciences, mathematics, and physics.


We offer our best in class compressed air solution through our partners network. Our partners are compressed air service providers, compressed air experts that can offer best in class CAS solution.

Our partner can become re everyone who wants to improve their competitiveness on the market and improve services for their users. They are also those who wish to utilize compressed air energy rationally, thus improving the profitability of their activities and acting responsively to the environment and society.