Questions to be asked and answered before buying new compressor, doing assessment or re-designing energy efficient Compressed Air System

Compressor Installation Specific

1. How old is this compressor? How many hours will the compressor run ?

2. What is the average air consumption ?

3. What is your electrical unit cost ?

4. Does it change for day shift / night shift ?

5. What is the plant minimum pressure ?

6. What is the existing pressure band Minimum / Maximum / Useful Differential ?

7. Are there several compressors running together ?

8. How are they controlled ?

9. What ancillaries are fitted (dryers, filters) ?

10. What is the pressure drop Initial & at element change ?

11. What is the size of there pipe work ?

12. What is the pressure drop they have ?

Compressed Air System Specific

1. What do you think the min pressure is ?

2. Is there a piece of production equipment that needs a higher pressure than the majority of the plant ?

3. Do you have pressure drop ?

4. Do you know size of piping distribution ?

5. Are you happy with current service supplier who is currently doing this work ?

6. Do you have production problems ?

7. How reliable is your existing system ?

8. Do you have air quality issues and if yes what happens ?

9. How much do you pay for electricity ?

10. Do you know how efficient your compressed air systém is ?

11. Working hours of air end ?

12. Are you proactive in fixing leaks ?

13. Do you have any unregulated air users ?

14. What is your shift rotation and does demand change ?

15. Do you isolate supply to non production areas ?

16. Do you have a LP or HP air system ?

17. Do you have a high failure rate of production equipment ?

18. What happens when the pressure is too low ?

19. Quality of air need and is this different for different air users ?

20. Is there any large volume demand events but short duration ?

21. Do you have sufficient backup machines ?

22. What is the cost of lost production ?

23. When was the last time you audited the air system ?

24. Are you or are you working to ISO 14001 ?

25. Would you consider total air responsibility outsourcing ?

26. Pay as you use ?

27. Air over the fence ?

28. Why do you value your existing service / compressor provider ?

29. Do you use hot water in your production process ?

30. Do you have problems with corrosion in your pipe work ?

31. Is there any product spoilage ?

32. How much money does it cost per hour in lost production if your air fails ?

33. How much are you spending on equipment repairs due to moisture contamination ?

34. How much are your air leaks costing you ?