Take advantage of unique and verified solution for Compressed Air Leakage Management System that uses IOS and Android mobile application for data collection and web interface for validating, repairing, reporting and calculating the cost of air leak.

Quick and Easy Savings with CALMS

Leaking is present in industry that uses compressed air, steam or other gases under pressure. There are a lot of potential savings. In some cases more that 50%. In our more than 10 years long history in working with leak detection, we discovered that our work in a company is not as efficient as it could be, until we involved companies top management. Top management involvement makes systematization of the process possible.

How to systematize leak seeking and repairing?

For this purpose we developed special web application: CALMS (Compressed Air Leak Management System). With CALMS you can monitor all activities of leak seek and leak repair process. You also monitor energy savings and reduction of consumption of compressed air, steam or nitrogen. Our cloud platform reduces time between leak discovery and repair by 70%. In the main menu of application, you can monitor number of detected leaks, estimated volume of leaked medium and cost of it on annual basis. You can see the progress made with leak repairs.

Leak survey

Every inspection can be done for a complete company, or just part of the company, or for different locations in big corporate companies. Every leak detected information is entered online or with mobile application. System automatically calculates the size of the leak and cost based on your price entries. Every leak spot is identified with its own serial number, location description, description of leaking part and picture. For each leak you estimate time needed for repairs and cost of material.

Leak repair

CALMS supports not only leak seeking, but also leak repair process. You easily track repair process, enter repair material, cost and description details and who repaired it. Every repaired leak is added to savings calculation. Track annual improvements and when the leak audit process has been successfully completed. Once the leak audit has been completed, you can create new CALMS or generate savings reports.

Mobile Application

Mobile application is available for Android or iOS smart phones and tablets. It makes data entry possible directly from the field. It does not require internet connection and synchronization is done once the network is available. Using mobile application, leak audit process is greatly improved, it reduces additional work and minimizes number of errors.


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Reporting and Notifications

CALMS with automatic notifications generates weekly or monthly survey and repair reports, managers reports with financial progress, and overview of company energy improvements and optimizations.

All reports include tables with all leaks, material description, pictures, costs of each leak and total and potential savings.

Reports have custom branding with your company information and logo.